Frequently Asked Questions Flower Essences

What are essences?

Essences are solarized infusions made from the flowering portion of a plant or a mineral. Each essence addresses the mental or emotional aspect, mind-body health and soul development. Modern Flower Essences were formulated by British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930’s. Nature has impacted the human emotions since the beginning of time. Scent, color and sound evoke emotions in the human psyche at a level of consciousness. Essences work with the human electro-system to bring a catalyst of change to the energetic patterning stored within the energy system.

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How are essences prepared?

Essences are prepared from wildflowers, garden flowers, or minerals as a diluted potentized solar infusion or decoction. The process creates an energetic imprint of the flower in distilled water.  The end result is known as a ‘mother’ essence which is preserved in a alcohol base, usually brandy. A further process of dilution is done to create a ‘stock’ which is sold in stores and to practitioners.

How do I use flower essences?

Essences are generally taken orally from a dropper. The standard dosage is 3-4 drops, 3 times daily. Drops can be taken directly from the stock bottle, mixed in a glass of water, from a dosage bottle, sprayed from a misting bottle, applied topically on pulse points, or can be added to bath water or moisturizers. All of the essences created by The Chemical Free Me are sold at the stock level.

How do I create a dosage bottle?

A dosage bottle can be created by further dilution of adding 7-10 drops of the essence in a solution of distilled water and alcohol preservative (typically brandy). Dosage bottles last for roughly a month.

Are there options for alcohol sensitive individuals or those in recovery?

The essences contain a small amount of alcohol that is used as a stabilizer and preservative. Many individuals who are alcohol intolerant have had success by further diluting the essences to a dosage level and replace the alcohol with an organic apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. The further dilution ensures that the alcohol ingested is chemically insignificant. In addition, you can create a dosage bottle with no preservative as long as it is refrigerated. Expect a shelf life of 5-7 days without a preservative.

How many essences can I take at one time?

When making a combination of essences it is best to understand fully how the essences work in combination with each other. In addition, one should be focusing on specific goals. Taking many essences for many different things can make it difficult for an individual to focus on their goal. One should limit the number of essences taken at once to 3-4 unless otherwise directed by a skilled practitioner.

How do I choose which essences to take?

Understanding which mental and/or emotional components you are working on at the time will effect the decision making process for selecting essences.

Can I use essences if I am pregnant or under doctors care?

We recommend that you consult your physician before using if pregnant or under doctor’s care.

Can I use essences to treat a serious condition?

If you have a serious mental, emotional or physical condition, you should seek assistance from a medical professional. Essences are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Essences are not medicine, drugs or herbal supplements. They work by simulating awareness and inner change, and reflection.

Are there differences between essences, essential oils and herbal remedies?

Yes, they are all different.

Essential oils are steam distilled from bark, roots, flowers, stems and/or seeds, highly concentrated and can be toxic if taken internally. They are diluted with a carrier oil in order to be applied topically. In addition, essential oils are used in sprays, or diffusers, and are a wonderful complement to essences. Please view our Essential Oil FAQ page for more information on essential oils. /essential-oil-faq/

Herbal remedies and supplements are preparations made from various parts of the plant, mostly the roots, and made into tinctures, tea, or capsules. These have a strong effect directly on an individual’s physical state, and can also be toxic if not prepared or used correctly.

Homeopathic remedies are also different from essences. Homeopathic remedies involve trituration and dilution, but in a different manner than essences do.

Flower essences are vibrational remedies derived from the vibrational imprint which is extracted in spring or distilled water. This is then further diluted as an energy extraction.

Do essences treat the physical or have physical effects?

No, essences do not contain any bio-chemicals and they are not medical treatments. Essences work on the body’s energy system, know as meridians, to help with stored emotional components. For individuals working with an essence to release emotional stress may find that they have less physical tension in their body, but this is a different effect that a medical drug for anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers would provide. There is no comparison between the effects of medical drugs and vibrational essences.

Does the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulate essences?

No, products need to be studied in randomized clinical trials for the treatment of medical conditions, and that is not done with essences. Although essences have date back hundreds of years, and modern developments as early as the 1930’s, they have not participated in these trials. You can however find extensive research through

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