“I am so grateful I have found your amazing company. It has given me a jump start to changing my families life. Using products that are chemical free, especially for my daughter, is important to me. I know we are all going to benefit from using these products. My foot scrub and rub have already made my feet smoother and it feels and smells amazing. The essential oil blends are helping my daughter. When she is feeling overwhelmed, they help calm her. I never realized how amazing essential oils are, I am hooked. The greatest thing about your company is that you really care. I appreciate you taking so much time to talk to me, answer my questions, and reply to my messages. My order arrived quickly and I will definitely be ordering so other things soon!” – Christina W., ~ MA

“I have to tell you how happy I am with my order. For years I have tried to watch the ingredients in the foods and products that I buy for my family. It’s quite a challenge at times! Thank you for creating safe products that I can feel comfortable using with them…Products that smell good, feel good, are affordable and are high quality. I tried the moisturizer right away and my skin feels so soft! No more dryer sheets for me anymore, now that I have dried two loads of laundry with dryer balls. Can’t wait to try out the rest. Thank you for such quick service too!” -Lisa H., ~MA

 “As a Licensed Esthetician, I am so absolutely in Love with The Chemical Free Me. For years I have poured over ingredient lists, researching exactly what is in my products, shocked to learn the harmful chemicals people are using on a daily basis both in common skincare practice and daily routine. The Chemical Free Me has absolutely been the highest quality experience of products I have ever tried. It has helped heal my own skin and the skin of my loved ones in front of my eyes! It has become a daily routine from start to finish for me and my family. The Scrubs and Moisturizer oils give a beautiful natural glow. Every night before sleep I use the Sleepy Time Cream, the Pillow Spray, and the incredible emotionally transformative Flower and Gem essences, I have the most restful and peaceful sleep, I didn’t know what I was missing, Thank you so much for putting out such a fantastic line, it’s truly continues to bring great joy for our whole family.” – Will S. ~ CA

“You have gained a new fan of your products. I have fallen in love with your moisturizer. Most moisturizers irritate my skin, and yours has softened and moisturized mine perfectly. Thank you!” – Ginny K. ~ AZ

“I just had to contact you to let you know about my experiences with your unbelievable products. As an athlete my feet take a beating! I use the Peppermint Foot Rub on my rough feet before bed, then put socks on overnight. I do this 2-3 times a week. My feet look beautiful! I have also been using your shaving oil on my legs for a few weeks now. This gives me a nice clean shave! I will never go back to using soap or shaving cream! I love your moisturizer just as much, my skin has never been so soft. Your product lines is just what my body needed, so thank you.” – Samantha R. ~NH

“I just wanted to tell you that I love your facial exfoliator and moisturizer. I was completely surprised on how it has transformed my skin! I have had problems with my skin since I was a teen, and this has finally changed. I can’t wait to try other products. You have a devoted customer in me.” – Robyn S. ~ MA

“Thank you for introducing me to essential oils to help our family sleep better! I was a skeptic, but I am officially a believer! We use a roll-on blend of oils for kids that helps my sensory seeking son focus, and a foot cream for sleep. I can’t believe how well they work.” – Monica ~ MA

“What do I need to feel beautiful? Great hair, healthy skin and SLEEP. Your amazing products have helped me with all of that. Your hair treatment is my go to product to tame my wild and thick hair. I have completely fallen in love with your Peppermint sugar scrub, which feels and smells amazing. My skin is soft from head to toe, and all this at price I can afford! Thank you so much. Thank you for filling all of my needs with simple, healthy solutions.” – Kathleen ~ MA

“I deeply appreciate the wonderful and natural healing  flowers and herbs that The Chemical Free Me uses. I have had a difficult skin irritation on my legs the past couple months, and I have had a great success with your rejuvenating honeysuckle moisturizing body oil! This oil has actually cured my leg!  This is the only product that has helped me. The healing salve is the best lip balm I have ever used, and the Sleepy Time Cream and Pillow Spray encourage deep and restful sleep.  Our family has had so much fun trying these enhancing and healing products! Thank you.” – Claribel C. ~ CA

“I seriously just keep loving The Chemical Free Me more and more! Natural products that are effective and feel amazing. PLUS handwritten notes with the order! You have a big fan!” – Megan H. ~ NC

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