Moving Towards a ‘Chemical Free Home’

Having a chemical free home can be somewhat frustrating and overwhelming. When you begin to learn what you have been putting on or in your body, and what is in your home can be quite terrifying to say the least.  Toxins have a cumulative effect in the body the more you can reduce and eliminate the better for your long term health. Follow these simple tips to help you and your family live the chemical free lifestyle you deserve.


Trying to do too much at once will overwhelm you.

Take it one step at a time, and remind yourself that every day, you are one step closer. This is a journey not a race to the destination.

Any time you feel discouraged refer back to this tip!

TIP #1 (The most important)
TIP #2

Do what works for you and your family. None of us our perfect, nor do we have all the time, energy and money in the world.

It may not work for you to swap some products or eliminate others entirely.

The goal is not to make your life more frustrating. Every product you can swap, is one less long term exposure to toxins.

TIP #3

A workable plan:
Instead of deciding “today is the day I am going to eliminate toxins in my house” (trust me mid way through the first trash bag you will be discouraged), go one step at a time.

As you are running low on a product you normally use, check out the label against our free toxin list.

If you can’t figure out what most of the ingredients are, they are probably toxic.

Instead of replacing it with the same product, switch to a DIY recipe, (many now found on our blog or Pinterest Board )or, search for a safer replacement.


Places To Start for having a Chemical Free Home

Simple starts:

  • Take your shoes off at the door (most dirt and pesticides is tracked in on your shoes).
  • Slowly replace plastic with stainless steel or glass.
  • Ditch anything with the word antibacterial (hand soap, dish soap, bar soap).
  • If you are using non-stick cookware, think about replacing it with stainless steel
    • Even if you just start with your most commonly used pan.
  • Eliminate room fresheners, sprays, plug-ins or scented candles (unless they are made with soy and essential oils)  For air freshening, use a safe alternative made with essential oils.
  • Dry Cleaning: Take your items out of the plastic and let them air out (outside if possible) before putting them away.
  • Replace your shower curtain with a non-toxic option. You are in there at least once a day, its a simple and inexpensive change.
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The majority of your cleaning can be done with vinegar, water, castile soap, baking soda and some lemon essential oil. The E-Cloth can be very efficient as well. None of these items will produce toxic fumes or residue in your home and will save you money compared to your average cleaning product.

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Skin Care:

What goes on your body is absorbed into your bloodstream. Check your soaps, moisturizers, shaving creams etc.

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