Fluoride Treatments: Are They Toxic?

When I was a kid they did “fluoride treatments” at school on Wednesdays and everyone swished and spit into a cup. Not sure why, but Fluoride ToxicI am thankful my mother never signed us up for this insanity. We started avoiding fluoride in toothpastes about 4 years ago when I learned that it is a neurotoxin. (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2007/11/22/fluoride-damages-your-brain.aspx)  (For the record I am 43 and have never had a cavity) Fluoride has been linked to bone fractures, thyroid disorders, and impaired brain development and function.  Ironically, fluoride is also linked to fluorosis. (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db53.htm)  Fluorosis is white streaks/brown stains and broken enamel on teeth.

In putting together my toothpaste blog I already knew fluoride was a toxin. I knew most towns still add it to their drinking water. I was shocked when this came up on our town’s Facebook  mom page last month. A concerned parent asked why we still have it in our water. This was followed by many comments supporting how great it is and how everyone should be entitled to fluoride water.

Let’s explore things we know…

  1. Most developed countries do NOT add fluoride to their water. (Keeping in mind many of these countries also have stricter rules than the United States about toxins that are allowed to be in your food or beauty products.  Perhaps we are late to the party?)
  2. It can be noted that since fluoride has been added to the water tooth decay has declined-it is often left out that it declined in the countries who do not use fluoride in their water as well. (http://www.actionpa.org/fluoride/countries.pdf)
  3. We all know the FDA tells us it’s poisonous to consume more than a pea size amount of toothpaste for children if it contains fluoride. (FYI by those measurements your tube should last your whole family about a year!)
  4. We all aim to drink 8oz of fluorinated water a day. I won’t pretend to know the ratio per glass because I have NO idea but from what I could find it seems one 8oz glass contains the same amount of recommended consumable toothpaste during brushing. Interesting fact-China does NOT put fluoride in their water because it’s too toxic and causes damages in studies.

Natural occurring fluoride IS found in some waters. Natural occurring fluoride has what is called calcium fluoride –they bond together and are not absorbed much by your body. Hydrofluorosilcic acid (artificial fluoride which is added to the water) is absorbed by your body and is 1000x more toxic. Sodium fluoride (pharmaceutical grade) is what is used in most studies-BUT is NOT what is added to your water. Is that Sodium Fluoride safer? According to private testing sodium fluoride powder contained traces of aluminum, arsenic, strontium, lead, uranium and tungsten. We acknowledge how dangerous those items are for our bodies. Even if you believe consuming fluoride is safe-is that a compromise you are willing to make? Personally I will skip the arsenic and aluminum thanks!

I am not sure why there is not more concern about this. If you want to believe in fluoride-keep it where it “belongs” on your teeth.  (We opt for fluoride free-and no cavities thus far!) As for water we opt for Poland springs or Fiji drinking water.  While they do contain fluoride-it is NATURAL occurring.

Fluoride Toxic