Cancer Links to Personal Care Products

Links between cancer and personal care products are known, but nothing has changed.

You have a busy life.  You want it to be easy-hit Target and grab all your products. I love Target-but I have found there are very few personal care products (only one: my shampoo) that I can buy there-and trust me-I have a talent for shopping at Target!  What’s the problem? The ingredients to many products on the market.

If it goes on your body, it goes in your body.

60% of what goes on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. That statistic goes up if you are applying to genital or under arm areas. What exactly are you absorbing?  Over 80,000 chemicals are permitted for use in the United States that have never been tested for safety. Many of the chemicals included in your personal care products (INCLUDING baby care products) have been direLinks between cancer and personal care productsctly linked to cancer, hormone and thyroid disruption and more.

Many people take the tone “everything is bad for you” or “It’s only a little bit” or “I turned out fine” While those statements can be true let’s break it down a little more:

“Everything is bad for you”

Yes. The air we breathe, the cell phones we use, a lot of the food we eat etc. What is most important to remember is that toxins are cumulative. They build up in your body over time. Since there are a lot that we are unable to avoid, it’s important to cut out the ones we can.

“It’s only a little bit”

Also true…until you add up every product you are applying to your body each day (some multiple times). Then include your exposure to antibacterial soaps and cleaning products that are also being absorbed through your skin. Add those days, weeks, months, and years together and you have contributed to your toxic load significantly.

“I turned out fine”

We all want that to be true. Unfortunately, it is my guess everyone reading his knows multiple people that suffer from thyroid conditions, cancer, or reproductive issues. Many more so than previous generations. Perhaps we are not turning out “fine” as a result of all these products-convenient or not.

Take a minute-print out our free list of toxins in skin care products. Put it in your bathroom and each time you pick up a product glance at the ingredients and see what is on the list. The results may shock you.

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Toxins in Products
Create a positive impact on your health today by
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