Toxic Toothbrushes

Continuing with our oral health info-another one I was late to the party with: toothbrushes. The bonus is toothbrushes get replaced Toxic Toothbrushesoften and are fairly inexpensive so it’s an easy swap you can make in the future with a little info.

What may be in your toothbrush even fresh from the package? 

PVC plastics contain Phthalates. As we have learned phthalates are known to increase breast cancer cells, asthma, allergies, infertility and decreased sperm counts. It is difficult to avoid them entirely since they are in so many things, however cutting down every little bit helps.

Another toxin you will find is BPA. Unfortunately if you see BPA free please remember the BPA replacement has proven to be more toxic. This issue is seldom addressed since there isn’t an actual solution aside eliminating plastic). BPA has shown to have links to high blood pressure and have effects on the brain, prostate. One of the issues with BPA is that it breaks down when heated. If you are sterilizing your toothbrush in any form that may heat it up you are better off tossing it and getting a new toothbrush.


Personally I like the bamboo toothbrushes. The downfall to this is that if you have more than one person in your family you need a way to make them. Colored nail polish on the handle, or washi tape seem to work. My younger kids seem anti bamboo toothbrush so we have done well with the radius toothbrush. (I have found them at iherb  ( or Whole Foods.

The Soft Landing also put together a nice list of other options that are safer than what you may be getting free at your last dentist appointment.

Toxic Toothbrushes


Avoid Toxic Ingredients when Coloring Your Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs? What You Need to Know:

If you celebrate Easter and have young children you have probably grabbed a package of egg dye to color eggs with. toxic dyes

What’s really in that egg color aside vinegar?

According to packaging:

Yellow #5-while banned in Austria and Norway we still use it in the USA. In 2013 food was required to add a label suggesting it could cause allergic reactions and asthma. It has been linked to migraines, blurred vision, fatigue and anxiety.

Blue #1-has shown in studies to suggest kidney tumors in mice and may cause cancer.

Blue #2-has shown an incidence of tumors in and brain gliomas in rats. It is not recommended to be used in food

Red #3-has shown to cause DNA damage in human liver cells. It has been found to interfere with thyroid function and cause hyperactivity.  Red number 3 has also shown to induce cancer. It was almost banned by the FDA in 1985 but lost out to industry pressure. In 1990 it was banned in skin care products but is still allowed in food (Logical?)

Yellow #6-has caused adrenal tumors in animals.

Red #40-has shown to be damaging to the DNA in mice, may contain contaminants that contribute to cancer in humans and has been linked to hyperactivity.

Since anything absorbed onto your skin goes into your blood stream that means you are putting these ingredients into your body. If you are actually eating the eggs after coloring them with these kits…I wouldn’t!

Is there a solution?

Of course! It will take a few more minutes than dumping vinegar in a cup with a tablet but reading the risks-I will take the few extra minutes!

Toxic Dyes